How To Support

Hi, my name is Phil Davis and I want your help in a building a greenhouse gas reduction practice known as Carbon Free Hour. The practice of having a Carbon Free Hour is exactly that. A Carbon Free Hour. Individuals (and my hope is TENS OF MILLIONS OF INDIVIDUALS) will set aside/dedicate one hour each week when they intentionally do nothing that uses carbon based resources. Practitioners of a Carbon Free Hour will do nothing for one hour that involves manufactured or processed carbon.

Millions of people learning Carbon Free Practices can do more for the planet and do it faster than businesses can change their business models and governments can adjust their policy. Individual patterns of consumption are statements of policy. Much is made of what governments and businesses are supposed to do on behalf of the planet. The practice of a Carbon Free Hour by millions can do much more.

In the not too distance future – I’ll be working to raise money to accomplish the following: 1) Organize as a non-profit; 2) Contract with a professional to write copy that more clearly states the project objectives; 3) Redesign website for high volume usage; 4) Staff a dedicated individual for a sustained social media marketing and promotion campaign; 5) Staff to create e-newsletter for ongoing education effort on social changes needed to keep the planet suitable for human life; and 6) Staff for ongoing fund raising.

I hope when the time comes you can help.

Phil – My personal website is